So you’ve moved to a new city and neglected your super cool new friends you made through Young Professionals Salt Lake City in order to spend more time with your hot boyfriend who lives out of town but frequently visits. You bury yourself with work to pass the time in between seeing him again. Overtime, you and your significant other realize your long distance relationship is not going to work and you end your relationship of 2+ years. Now your fantasies of being a power couple, having 2.5 kids, luxury cars, yearly international vacations, and a finished basement have slipped through your fingertips. Those designer handbags you expected to get for each birthday are also out the door.

So what do you do???? Sit on your couch, periodically cry, and purchase a Roku stick. You subscribe to Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime. You watch every episode of Gossip Girl ever made followed by: The Killings, The Following, House of Cards, &  Don’t Trust the B*#c% in Apartment 23. A month later, you come up for air but not before you binge watch The Carrie Diaries, Lipstick Jungle, & Cashmere Mafia. Oh, you also rediscover your love for boxed wine and have established a hardcore relationship with the cupcake shop around the corner. You also discovered Zupas and their Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup with added cheddar and bacon.

It is now another month later and you are 15 pounds heavier and you remember those super cool friends you meet through Young Professionals Salt Lake City. New Years is around the corner and you wonder if they will take you back since you have been missisng-in-action for so long.  You call, they answer, & they accept you back because you are RAAAAAD. You now have New Years Eve plans and you are semi back in the game. You go out, you take some shots, get some advice from Cory the amazing bartender at Whiskey Street & before you know it its 2015 and you are a freshman in college again. Young and ready for fun but with a lot more cash. So you are feeling hot, looking great, and ready to date in the SLC but errrrrrrrrr how do you meet a great guy here? You aren’t LDS so you don’t belong to a ward. Should you convert? I mean after all, having strong family values is not such a bad thing right????

Well if you haven’t figured out yet, you ME. So ME will tell YOU some tips for meeting your future ex/live-in/hubby in the SLC. Some of the this stuff you may have heard before and some may be common sense but you love us so you will love it!

Here are 10 Tips for Meeting the Opposite Sex in Salt Lake City

10. Let people know you are single and searching. I mean people, know people, who know people, who may not have been perfect for them but could be great for YOU!

9. Go places & speak! That guy/girl of your dreams is not going to knock on your door. You must go places and don’t be afraid to approach a person who catches your eye. Finding a soul mate is a numbers game. Each no leads you closer to your true yes! So collect the nos! We love Whiskey Street& Coffee shops (Publik & Salt Lake Roasting Co are our favs!!) for meeting new people. Art crawls are also a great way to meet new people. Checkout Sugarhouse Art Walk.

8. Volunteer. If you are into politics, animals, arts, green initiatives wouldn’t you love for your mate to be too? Also, you are volunteering. The universe rewards that, right? Checkout places like:

  • Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy
  • Salt Lake County Volunteer opportunities
  • The Road Home
  • Catholic Community Services of Utah

7. If you are a clubber than club! We don’t recommend this approach for all but Salt Lake City has a pretty good night scene. Your future S.O may be waiting for you at Maxwell’s or Gracie’s or Zest.

6. Tinder, Tinder, Tinder. Swipe while you are on the throne, on the phone, or sitting in your sweats at home. Swipe while you wait at your next doctor’s appointment or drive through at Wendy’s. Your fingers may hold the key to much more than you think.

5. The Gym. You buffet your body and so does he/she. You are there to work out, we know, but atleast you know you have something in common. Don’t forget to check for rings first!

4. Go to church. If you are spiritual, find a church and join their singles group! There are tons of churches of all denominations located in the valley

3. Find a hobby! Learn that language you have always wanted to learn. Take wine classes, or French lessons. Learn to ski, join a hiking or cycling group. Utah is nothing else if not a mecca for hobbies. Check out REI or for special interest groups. Also checkout places like Sur La Table, Harmons, & Caputo’s for high-brow cooking & wine classes.                      

2. Online dating. So those stats the commercials for online dating sites love to throw at us??? Totally real! The digital get down is for the man/woman who knows who they are and what they are looking for. Don’t want to spend big bucks? Try or check out sites like Groupon for deals on things like

1. Attend young professionals networking events. While we are on the subject of, I hear there is a super cool group called Young Professionals Salt Lake City with all kinds of great, interesting people in it. Oh, what’s that you say? You say you are a member but do you attend events??  Make sure to come to any event you like, we are friendly! If we don’t havean event listed that tickles your fancy, feel free to suggest one!

Got anymore tips for meeting the opposite sex in Salt Lake City? Share the knowledge and comment below!