Food. We eat it to live but sometimes we live to eat. In this new age of luxury, extravagance, and if you didn’t-post-it-you-did’t-eat-it; sometimes a young professional has to indulge. We don’t condone gluttony, keeping-up-with-the-jones-like-behavior, or doing things just for the ‘gram. However, we do work hard & sometimes enjoy rewarding ourselves with decadent food.

Lucky for us, Salt Lake City is a haven for fine dining. Breaking bread with a group of good people is the oldest bonding experience known to man (or so we think). With this in mind, theSociety created a dining out series as a division of our arts & culture club - Swank

What it is

Think of it as a dinner club that meets once a month for a fine dining experience in SLC. We interview locals, thoroughly scrutinize yelp, & make pre-visits to the restaurant of choice all in the hopes of a perfect dining experience with amazing people. We skip out on the places that are rated high just because they are trendy and go straight for the places that have good eats & good ambiance (g2).

This month, we visited the new Finca location. Let me just say that the food and the drinks were amaaaaaaazing. The service, however, was not. This could because we were a large group or this could be because they were super busy. Nevertheless, the service was slow. I will say that our waitress was very nice and apologetic. We kind of expected the poor service due to Yelp reviews that said this very thing but we were split on if we should go or not. At the end of the day, our tummys won and we headed to Finca.

Overall, it was a great Saturday night. As always, the company and conversation were great. New friends were made and old friends caught up. If you decide to visit Finca, get the potatoes. The drinks were also on another level.

Feel free to join us! We post about a month in advance giving you plenty of time to budget accordingly!