Ahhhh. The life of a young professional.......

........to everyone success means something different.

To some it means making money on their own terms.......

For others it means freedom to work where they please with whom they please...

.........and no matter what your position, the truth is you have the same needs as every other professional out there. 

So what distinguishes the successful ones from the rest?

It all comes down to habits!  Everyone says it because it's true. If you've got health, you've got it all. So don't kid yourself, get it together! Because the fountain of youth (and success) will depend greatly on the every day things you choose to do for yourself before you make others (money and) happy.

These are the most common mistakes young professionals make (plus their solutions).

Mistake 1:  Not eating or drinking well. Many times we lie to ourselves and say "we're too busy to eat or drink right. Get over that excuse fast. Eating and drinking well could catapult your career of done wellZ 

Solution: Plan meals ahead of time. This will save you time and money, 2 irreplaceable  resources to professionals. 


Another happy you'll want to work on Drinkin' plenty of water. Turn off distractions and make time to eat. We're all busy so don't let that become an excuse as to why you're not eating well. When you get more done, you'll wonder why you didn't do this before. 

Mistake 2:  Not getting enough sleep. Your brain produces antioxidants while you sleep, essential for good sleep and fighting disease. 

Solution: We live in a world of notifications, deadlines and too much info that it can be overwhelming trying to digest it all. But don't let that get you. What you can't do today can always be done tomorrow with a good nights rest and a fresh mind.  Turn off distractions at night and make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. 

Mistake 3:  Getting too sucked in work and not making time for leisure activities. If you're a workaholic, others around you will notice and your personal relationships could suffer. 

Solution: Show that you understand the need for balance between work and life. The people in your life want you to do well, but they want you to want the same for them,. And you can't show that if you're too consumed with what's going on in your world. 

Again, learn to disconnect from distractions online, especially if you have face-to-face contact with a live human. Nothing is more annoying than someone who wants to document it all for no rational reason. 

Respect your family and coworkers with the courtesy of your undivided attention. You'd be surprised how difficult this has become for some in this day and age. But seriously, having a conversation with someone that doesn't involve work can greatly enrich your life. It could be the difference between being unhappy at work or closing a deal. 

As a nutritionist and local community health educator it's my duty to make sure you have the tools to succeed and be happy. Click here for a full 3 day meal plan, including meal planning tips and a list of healthy habits you can start . 

Change is the hardest thing people adjust to, but I assure you that you'll get a lot more done if you get these unhealthy habits under control. Start with one habit a week or month and see your productivity soar! 

Sound off in the comments:

 Which of these habits do you struggle with the most? Which of these habits will you starting improving on first? What're your experiences? 

Isabel Meija is a nutritionist, photographer, and community educator. Isabel's mission is to make food fun again & teach us all #foodisourfriend!Isabel partners with local organizations such as Whole Foods to teach us healthy habits. Isabel also offers services such as health coaching, custom meal planning, and refrigerator makeovers. Learn more about Isabel and events she has coming up at www.foodisourfriend.com.
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