Style is something that you don’t really think about, it’s having clothing that you like and perhaps shows a part of your personality. Creating your wardrobe to match this is a little more difficult and typically not something that is built overnight.

Having the staples are important – good quality shirts, pants, jeans, and jackets. These are items that are classic and won’t go out of style. Once you have this foundation, you can go ahead and build upon what you already have like a statement jacket or a trendy shirt. The nice thing about today’s society is that everyone is much more accepting. You can wear something that might be considered ugly, but if you enjoy it and it brings you happiness, why not? If you wear something and it makes you feel good and confident, then that’s what you should be wearing. Working in the fashion industry, I definitely have a conflict between being ultra comfortable and having to look presentable and representing a good image of myself.


As a designer, I like to put all my efforts in the design rather than what I wear, so my personal style is really rather simple. Because I am all about comfort, I’m usually in a good button-up shirt and jeans. It’s the easiest thing to dress up or dress down. I can either keep it casual and roll up my sleeves or dress it up and throw on a blazer. It’s super easy with minimal effort and it’s always a classic. There’s always going to be new trends and fads, but if you wear something you like, your whole demeanor changes. You become more positive because you feel great about yourself, and that’s something you can’t buy.

Davis Hong is an artist, designer, and the name behind luxury minimalist brand DAVIS HONG. Hong is a rising name in the fashion industry and Art Meets Fashion ( program recipient. His designs are marked by precise lines, clean silhouettes and sharp details. He is local to the Salt Lake City area and the goal of his work is to enlighten people that fashion is not just something that is cosmetic or pretty, it's art we live in every day.
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