Another Year of Failed Resolutions

January 1st 2015- Day 1 of 2015’s numerous goals, habit changes, career moves, momentum and ambition for the Best Year of My Life. All good things come from laying out your goals and providing yourself deadlines and milestone markers; all good things until you’re looking in the mirror at yourself months later only seeing a reflection of 2015’s Biggest Goal Loser.


Great news- your one of millions and I am just as guilty. Guilty of one goal in specific; have that rockin’ bikini body by summer. Funny how that goal somehow becomes my resolution year after year…you’d think by now I’d have that one down to a T.  Well yet again in my life June rolled around and I looked in the mirror to only see that 2015’s Biggest Goal Loser again. But this year I didn’t walk away from that reflection with the giving up attitude. Just because I’m not where I wanted to be (which was probably unrealistic to begin with) doesn’t mean that I have to accept that I failed.

This summer’s goal is to create ideal, short term goals. Why give up now when you have all summer to strive for that fit look you’ve been idealizing about? Here is the underlining issue- when you hit your deadline you stop; whether you’ve made it or not you stop. This year’s goal…NO STOPPING!

In May I saw the hard work I’ve put into my body all back lash and was right back at square one. Good timing right? But I took this new found attitude and decided to make a change. Not just one change but several small changes in small time frames.  First change- don’t get down on the speed bumps: pick up where you left off and keep going!

I love fitness, outdoors, healthy eating, gyms, and all things yoga clothed related. But I’m also human; I too love going out for drinks, eating that 500 calorie dessert, sleeping in on Saturdays, and pinning Pinterest workouts and meals knowing that they will only sit on my board and never be performed. So for all those who can relate I’ve decided to make a few changes to my yearly health and fitness resolution and create several 2-4 week health and fitness resolutions. Realistic right? Its summer time and not everybody has that time allowance or dedication to sit in the gym for 2 hours of the day- I get it; so within these small resolutions I’m putting myself in new environments and discovering new ways to have fun getting fit. From quick workouts, hiking trails, and Salt Lake City events to nutritional goals, confidence milestones, and simply looking in the mirror only to see 2015’s Biggest Gain.

So start writing down your own personal goals, or join me on mine. With the support of others and the ‘No Fail’ attitude we’ll not only conquer one resolution but several. This is a process that I have dedicated myself too and want the same from my Salt Lake City Young Professionals! Everybody has their individual goals and together we’ll conquer those and create bigger ones. That’s what I’m here for.

Embracing  new ‘Fit in 15’ challenges in various ways and sharing each moment with Salt Lake. So here we go- to the new outlook and not giving up because we’re at a deadline- but pushing through those speed bumps and striving for gains and moving past losses.

Ready Set lets Get Fit in 15

Ciara M. Ciara is a SLC transplant from the Midwest. She serves as the Director of Internal Affairs & Women's Event chair for The Society of Young Professionals Salt Lake City. Ciara is passionate about fitness, health, and getting the most out of life. Email Ciara at