1. Alcohol Laws. Get to know Utah’s quirky alcohol laws such as the Zion curtain, 3.2% beers, electronically measured pours, and lack of happy hours. There will be another YPSLC blog on this!
2. Skiing. Utah has some of the world’s most accessible ski resorts. Seven ski resorts are within less than an hour drive of downtown Salt Lake City. Yearly snow accumulation averages just over 500 inches and the powder is considered the best in the world.
3. Local Food. Utah has its share of unique local foods. Try the famous Pastrami Burger at Crown Burger, dip your fries into the famous “Fry Sauce” at Arctic Circle, sample food at the year round downtown farmer’s market, or enjoy some homemade “funeral potatoes” with your Mormon neighbors.
4. Inversions. Winter inversions occur in the Salt Lake valley when the normal decrease of air temperature with altitude is reversed, causing air pollution to become trapped in the lower altitudes. Tip: Stay Inside.
5. Pioneer Day. (July 24th) is a state holiday and an even bigger celebration than the fourth of July. This holiday was established to celebrate the arrival of the first Mormon pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley.
6. Red Traffic Lights. No one stops at them. Beware.
7. Sunday. Very few businesses are open on Sundays, plan accordingly.
8. Sundance Film Festival. Every year in late January the Sundance film festival takes place in Park City. Hollywood celebrities can be seen walking the streets as Park City is transformed into a massive independent film festival. Important: Utah residents get to take advantage of early ticket sales!
9. (Dry) Air. Utah is the second driest state in America just after Nevada. If you’re moving from another state, your body will very likely not be used to this. So be prepared and load up on chapstick, skin lotion, and eye drops. Speaking of air, Salt Lake City is positioned at an altitude of roughly 4,327 ft. If you are moving from a city near sea level beware of altitude sickness!
10. Grid System. Downtown Salt Lake City is laid out in a simple grid system with temple square at the center and most streets running North-South and East-West from the middle. Once you understand this you will never get lost. Example: 100S 200E is one block south and 2 blocks east from temple square.
Lloyd W. Lloyd is a SLC transplant from Pittsburgh, PA and six year veteran of the US Navy. He serves as the Director of Young Professional Development and Men’s Event chair for The Society of Young Professionals Salt Lake City. Lloyd also plays an active role in our Ux Club. Lloyd spends his free time enjoying outdoor activities and completing his Master’s in Business Administration at The University of Utah.

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