Ever experience that Holiday Hangover…and not just from the drinks? Welcome to the ever so common binge all day, celebrate hard, socialize endlessly, and stay up way past normal time, cheat day! Anybody who knows a good holiday celebration knows these feelings all too well…the Holiday Hangover. 

This time though don’t let it deter you from a successful, on track fit week. Mentally prepare yourself to be back in that ‘short term/long term’ goal mentality. One weekend cant ruin your goals or milestones unless you let it. Tomorrow is a new day. Here are some helpful tips to get back on track and avoid that holiday hangover from just taking over one day of the week to all seven.

1. Start Fresh & Strong: Wake up and start new- even if yesterday was a total fail. How you start your morning will determine the rest of your day.
2. Plan Your Workouts: Write down your plans for working out this week. Cardio and Weights! Even if it means you’re not going to the gym…plan a hike, hit up the bike path, take up a free trial of classes at the gym, yoga in the park- anything you’d like, but write it down where you’ll see it daily and keep up with it.

3. Meal Prep: Don’t get overwhelmem! not every meal needs to be thoroughly thought out for the week but maybe plan a few days out. Simple dinners for the nights your staying later at work, quick meals for those rushed mornings or/and make a lunch the night before. PLAN. Eating is the hardest thing to get back on track and with a plan in play you’ll be set for success and avoid those fast food temptations.
4. Create a Goal: Make that short term goal and make it attainable. Don’t go into this week thinking you’re going to lose 5lbs or run 10 miles straight by Friday, but keep it short and simple.
  • No processed sugar for the week’
  • ‘Hit the gym 3 times this week’
  • ‘Make dinner every night’
  • ‘Not hit the snooze button and replace it with a 20 push-ups’
5. Reward Yourself: Make sure to put in a reward for yourself that won’t set you back at square one. If your goal is to prepare healthy meals for the week; reward yourself with going to your favorite restaurant. Skipped the coffee shop for 5 days…treat yourself to Starbucks Saturday morning after your workout. Simple pleasures that will make keeping your goal worth the work and get you that accomplished feeling!
Ciara M. Ciara is a SLC transplant from the Midwest. She serves as the Director of Internal Affairs & Women's Event chair for The Society of Young Professionals Salt Lake City. Ciara is passionate about fitness, health, and getting the most out of life. Email Ciara at cmcginn@ypslc.com.