You are young (in age or heart). You work hard. You have loads of energy and maybe some cash to blow. The weekend approaches and *crickets*. There is nothing to do. Nowhere for you to wear your cute new top to or show off your handsome haircut. You blame it on the weekend. You blame it on Salt Lake City. We however, blame it on YOU. Maybe not you per se but YOU not knowing how to find all the great things to do in Salt Lake City.

Get ready to say bye-bye to sleep and worry no more. We have put together this list of our favorite go-to spots for finding things we to do in the SLC. Follow this guide to develop a social calendar that will make every Kardashian swoon without ever having to leave your couch. 

10. is the front page of the internet but often the last place on people’s mind when looking for things to do. When used correctly, Reddit can be a great resource for finding out things to do on the weekend. We recommend going to the Salt Lake City subreddit and try doing the following: ·

  • Read posting titles in search of events that jump out to you 
  • Review the weekend happenings listing posted by the moderator 
  • Post on Reddit. Ask other people what they are doing this weekend. Someone is bound to know of an event you may be interested in but had no idea about.


Yelp is not just the place you go to rave about the hot new restaurant in town or bash the horrible service you recently experienced. The website and app known for allowing customers to rate their experiences with local businesses also features an events calendar. Simply visit, enter Salt Lake City into the search bar, and click on the events tab right under it. Boom! You have a list of popular events happening near you!

8. is a community based publication that contains the inside scoop on all the things you need or want to know about Salt Lake City. The website also features an events guide that you should definitely pay attention to. 

7. Salt Lake City Weekly 

Find copies of the free alternative weekly newspapers in locations throughout the city. Once you get ahold of a copy, checkout the events page to plan your week ahead. Alternatively, visit to view the calendar online. City Weekly allows individuals to post their events on the page so you will find a variety of things to do when going this route. 

6. The Salt Lake Tribunes Event Listings

The city’s largest-circulated daily newspaper hosts a community calendar that allows you to filter by location, category, and date. To find the calendar, simply go to Once you are there, hoover on the Entertainment link then click on the calendar link. Prepare yourself to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of events featured on the site. 

5. Eventbrite

Eventbrite not only makes it easy for organizers to create events, it makes it easy for people to find local events. Go to, put Salt Lake City in the location bar, and watch the events trickle in. This website is handy because it also lets you register for events right on the page.

4. Deena on the Local Scene 

Tune into KUTV every Friday around 5:15 PM to hear comedian and actress, Deena Marie Manzanares give info on area events happening on the weekend. 


Take a breather from looking a cute cat pictures and stalking your ex to check out Facebook’s event listing. Facebook events are created by your friends or people in your community. Events can range from galas to book readings. Once you find an event you like, look in the bottom right hand corner of the event listing for related events. You can thank us later for getting lost in the millions and trillions or related events that will surely tickle your fancy. 


One of our favorites and sure to be one of yours! Logon to and use the calendar feature as well as search by Salt Lake City to see all the happenings area Meetup organizers have prepared just for you!


The Society of Young Professionals Salt Lake City’s website ( features a curated list of events geared towards young professionals. The list is regularly updated so you are always in the loop. We may be a little biased but this event calendar is our favorite one.

Did we leave anything out? Comment below with your go to spots for finding things to do in Salt Lake City!

Nchopia N. Nchopia enjoys hosting and planning events with the goal of bringing people together. She works in the leadership development industry as well as teaches at Salt Lake Community College. Nchopia loves art, food, traveling, and meeting new people. Contact Nchopia via email at
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