• Beehive Distellery (map)
  • 1745 Milestone Dr
  • Salt Lake City, UT, 84104
  • United States

Join The Society of Young Professionals on yet another exclusive local distillery tour at Beehive Distilling. Participants will have the opportunity to tour the running stills, meet the master distillers, and be able to purchase Beehive Gin products and swag. This event is free but does not include tastings.

About the Company:

We started with the notion that gin wasn’t being given the love it deserved. Real gin—a blast of juniper followed by the complex intrigue of all the other botanicals—was being challenged by pretenders. Gin shouldn’t taste like a citrus drink, and it shouldn’t taste like cleaning fluid. We give gin some well deserved attention. Small batches on a small still. Botanicals measured and macerated by hand, distilled, bottled and labeled in our Salt Lake City distillery. Utah, say hello to Jack Rabbit Gin. It’s been a long time coming. Est: 2013.

Products: Jack Rabbit Gin & Barrel Reserve Gin

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