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"You don't go to Kenya to change the people. You go to Kenya to change yourself and your world." - Anyone Who Has Been There!

This will be a really fun evening for your family, with delicious food that is infused with love!

Don't be surprised if three things happen when your family attends this event.

1. You just might see the world differently, and how you can make a big impact.
2. Your children might have a new gratitude for how good they have it! 
3. You just might want to go to Kenya!

A Taste of Kenya includes:
* Authentic Kenyan food created by the amazing chef, Wendy Thueson! Recipes sourced from Kenya.
* A silent auction where all proceeds go to the projects.
* Music and dancing and a video presentation!

100 Humanitarians is a community of entrepreneurs and individuals around the world collaborating to create opportunities, both locally and internationally, for education and personal development. We are committed to sustainable projects that support communities and preserve the culture of indigenous tribes.

100 Humanitarians began in 2015 as the humanitarian division of The Seven Pillars Foundation. The mission of 100 Humanitarians is “To mentor families globally through education and entrepreneurship in an effort to eliminate physical, mental, spiritual and emotional poverty, while preserving culture and tradition.”

The focus for 2016 is to build a cultural center in Kenya, Africa to fulfill our mission. The objectives of the cultural center include:

· Provide education and protection to the Maasai people, one of the most indigenous tribes in the world

· Create a bridge for different communities with different cultures to include pure love, worthy trust, and voluntary cooperation

· Create a resource center where communities can learn and inspire one another through educational programs founded on the principles of the Seven Pillars Foundation

· Create a “Stories Café”, where the Maasai can research and document their families histories online for future generations

· Create a children’s haven, where children from the local Maasai community and children from 100 Humanitarians expeditions can have a once in a lifetime experience learning from each other

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