Did you know that millennials are the most EDUCATED generation ever? Did you know that Millennials are more CHARITABLE than any generation before them? Did you know that Millennials are willing to take a PAY CUT to work for a company that is making a DIFFERENCE in the world? Millennials are pretty remarkabel and they are quickly taking over the workforce in Utah, around the country and throughout the globe.

With an ever growing presence, these young voices are lacking in our GOVERNMENT. As the youngest state in the nation, Utah has only two millennials elected at the state level. And only a handful of millennials elected at the county and local levels.

The Emerging Leaders Initiative is working to change this.

Utah should lead the nation in engaging and electing younger voices at all levels of government. The talent, knowledge and experience of many individuals in this generation is astounding and our state would benefit from additional diversity at the policy-making table.

Come learn about this millennial-led initiative and the bold "Three Pillars" strategy we are implementing to help our peers, and future young leaders, step up to serving their communities as elected officials.

So who's speaking? Head to our Facebook page (Emerging Leaders of Utah) where we'll be posting our featured speakers between now and the launch event. We'll tell you a secret though: You won't want to miss out!

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