Kickstart the summer with the heat of the Caribbean as Utah's elite join together for a night in Havana.

On June 3rd join us in 1950's Havana, a place with a certain energy that turns every situation into something unexpected. It's been said that a good Havana is one of the best pleasures you will ever know.

Enjoy a night of:

• Sweaty dancing to an incredible live band

•  Drag performances by Utah's best

• Gambling to benefit the VOA Homeless Youth Resource Center

• Cigar Rolling

• a Cuban market

•  and of course all the surprise bells & whistles that Secret SLC is known for and only guests are privy to experiencing.

The event will be held top secret location (until we decide to unveil it to you, of course) in Salt Lake City

**You must request an invitiation in order to attend this event. Tickets costs are associated with this event. Click here to request your invitation. ***

What is Secret Salt Lake? 
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