YPSLC's mission is to provide opportunities for Salt Lake City's Young Professionals to connect, develop, and enhance the region through social, professional, and civic engagement. The connection piece is close to our hearts because we truly believe bringing young professionals together can create sparks that enhance a professional field, our community, or our world. 

We do our best to encourage interactions between young professionals. With over 2,600 members, we know it can be a little difficult to keep track of who you have met and what they do. Our goal is to make our world a little smaller with "Member Spotlight". 

Each month YPSLC will turn the spotlight on a member who is making an impact in their professional field, YPSLC, and the community. These members exemplify the mission of YPSLC.  If you are interested in being highlighted or nominating another member for the spotlight, please contact Trey Ennis at tennis@ypslc.com.


Lloyd Werner started off as a general member of YPSLC when it was known as The Society of Young Professionals Salt Lake City.  Lloyd regurlarly attended events, made friends in the organization, and invited others to events he knew they would enjoy. 

He later went on to become Chair of the Fundraising & Financials Committee. As chair, he pitched YPSLC in a contest that resulted in our organization being able to secure funding from Zions Bank to enhance our website. 

Lloyd has spent countless hours creating a budgeting system for YPSLC, creating branding for the organization, streamlining our mission, and numerous other tasks that have allowed YPSLC to become who we are today.  He recently graduated from The University of Utah with a MBA & MHA in healthcare administration.

Lloyd moved to Utah from Pittsburg for a job a few years ago. He decided to get a MBA. After applying and getting accepted to multiple top schools scross the nation, he chose to stay in Utah and attend The U. He eventually met his fiancee and the rest is history. Lloyd is in the Navy and will be relocating from Salt Lake City towards the end of the year. We are hopeful he will return to the area when the opportunity arises. 

If you see Lloyd around be sure to tell him congratulations!