Many of the young professionals in the Salt Lake City area are relatively new in town. You  may have left the comfort zone of your home town where you knew who was who. We thought it may be ideal to introduce you to influential people in our city with the "Local Legends" series. 

In this series, we will interview our local legend so we can provide you access to their Salt Lake. 

We consider a local legend to be a person you should know in Salt Lake City. This person is not only well connected around the town but also has the inside scoop and does their part to positively impact the community. 

We are honored to name Chris Holifield of I am Salt Lake Podcast as our first local legend. Chris is the producer/host of I am Salt Lake with his cohost-turned-wife, Krissie Shelley. The pair interview personalities from around the area in the weekly podcast. The podcast has struck a chord with locals and has slowly risen to the top of one of the most listened to podcasts along the Wasatch Front.

We turned the table and interviewed Chris Holifield to find out what we should know about Salt Lake City. 

Question 1: How long have you lived in Salt Lake City?

Answer:  I moved to Salt Lake City when I was about 24 years old. So almost 16 years ago. I’ve seen a lot change within the city. Some for the worse and a lot for the better.

Question 2: Describe how what you do makes Salt Lake City great (self-promotion encouraged):

Answer: I host a podcast with my wife Krissie called ‘I am Salt Lake’ podcast. We interview locals, professionals, business owners, artists, musicians, authors…. basically the movers and shakers in Salt Lake City. We are trying to show people that there is a side of Salt Lake City that they might not be as familiar with. You can listen to the podcast in iTunes or directly on the website at

Question 3: How would you describe the people of Salt Lake City?

Answer: Between living in Southern California and Pennsylvania, the people in Salt Lake City are some of the friendliest and most supportive people I have met. True, there are the circles of snobby people, but I avoid them. There are just way too many people here that are creative and hard working and we all support each other, its great! 

Question 4: What is your favorite thing about Salt Lake City?

Answer: I have to pick one thing? Thats tough. I think if I could pick one thing it would be all the small businesses. We have an amazing community here. Just visit the downtown Farmers Market at Pioneer Park on a Saturday during the summer and you will see exactly what I’m talking about. 

Question 5: What do you most look forward to about Salt Lake’s future?

Answer: For it to become a more progressive city. I look forward to the day that the dominant religion here takes a step back and realizes that they can’t control everyone here as everyone here doesn’t agree with everything they have to say. 

Question 6: What do you wish more people knew about Salt Lake City?

Answer: That the religious stereotype here is slowly disappearing and to just give the city a chance. There is so much here to offer someone, they just have to put their ear to the ground and be open to the possibilities it has to offer them. 

Question 7: Name your favorite restaurant in Salt Lake City:

Answer: We have so many great restaurants here that it’s hard for me to just pick one. The food scene is one of my favorite parts about the city. A few of my favorites at the moment are Zest, Red Iguana, CousCous Mediterranean Grill, and Lucky 13. 

Question 8: What is your favorite Utah vacation destination?

Answer: It’s hard to pick just one as I have so many. If I had to pick just one it would defiantly be Park City. You can practically do anything up there any time of the year and just get away from it all for a little bit. 

Question 9: What would you tell someone if they told you they were moving here?

Answer: Listen to all of the back catalog of ‘I am Salt Lake’ podcast. I’m serious. There are almost 300 episodes there and you can learn so much about the city by listening to the conversations with all of the people we’ve had on the show. 

Question 10: Name your favorite local legend:

Answer: Wilfred Brimley. I’ve always been jealous of his mustache. 

Dig into I Am Salt Lake on a weekly basis. A new podcast episode is available every Monday. You can find the podcast in your favorite podcast directory which might include iTunesStitcher RadioTune in Radio, or Mediocre Radio Network. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode.