Around this time of year, Fourth of July activities and vacations galore typically litter the calendar of most U.S based young professionals. Although July is widely known as a festive month, we would dare say it is an even MORE festive month for Utah residents.

Why is that you ask? In addition to the fourth of July, Utah also celebrates Pioneer Day. You may also hear people refer to Pioneer Day as “24th of July”, “Days of ‘47” or “Pie and Beer Day”.

What is Pioneer Day?

Pioneer Day is a Utah official state holiday celebrated on July 24th. Pioneer Day celebrates the day Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon Pioneers first entered the Salt Lake Valley and proclaimed “This is the Place” in 1847. The holiday is celebrated much like the fourth of July. You may find that businesses (including banks) are closed, state/county employees have the day off, and fireworks are popping all across the valley.

Fireworks associated with the Fourth of July and Pioneer Day marks July as Fireworks month. Firework restrictions exists for many cities across Utah. Before you gather your friends and fire the barbecue, be sure to check the list of fire restrictions for each city released by the Utah Department of Public Safety.

We have compiled a list to assist you in making the most of “Fireworks Month”.  First we would like to say that we are big proponents of learning about and loving where you live. Regardless of your feelings about religion, we encourage you to explore the city and learn more about its history by doing things like touring Temple Square, visiting This is the Place Heritage Park, or visiting the Pioneer Memorial Museum. Admission is free for these attractions with the exception of This is the Place which charges $12.95

  1. July 4 @ 10:00 AMFourth of July Arts Fest & Fireworks 

                 -->The Community fair begins at noon, music and entertainment go from 5-8 p.m., and fireworks begin at dusk.

       2. July 4 @ 10:00 PM - Fireworks! At Jordan Park 

       3. July 14 @7:30 PM ‘Days of 47 Pops Concert @ Eccles Theater 

                 -->The event is free to the public but tickets are required

      4. July 15 @7:30 PM‘Days of 47 Pops Concert @ Eccles Theater 

                --> The event is free to the public but tickets are required

     5. July 24 @ 10:00PM - Firework Show at Herman Franks Park near Liberty Park 

     6. July 24 @ 9:00 AM - Days of ’47 Parade 

     7. July 24 @ 11:00 AM - Pie ‘N Beer Day @ Lumpy’s Highland