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Whether you are new to Salt Lake City or been around the town for awhile, it feels good to be connected. We introduced the Local Legend series in our June 2017 newsletter. Our idea of a local legend is a person who has had great impact on Salt Lake City. This person is not only well connected around the town but also has the inside scoop and does their part to positively impact the community.

Utah is becoming known for growing fashion talent. If you are watching Project Runway, you know 2 designers on the hit show currently call Utah home. In a nod to Utah's booming fashion industry, we are honored to name McQuiston Stoddard as our September 2017 local legend. McQuiston Stoddard is head designer of fashion label McQuiston Marie (IBNH). She has most recently shown her work at Slug Magazine's 28th Anniversary Show Party. Only 24 years old, McQuiston is the true definition of a young professional. We asked her a few questions to get insight into her experience as a Salt Lake resident. 

  1. How long have you lived in Salt Lake City? I lived in Salt lake until I was 17 then moved to Italy to study fashion and design then to New York for school now I'm back in Utah.
  2. Describe how what you do makes Salt Lake City great (self-promotion encouraged): I create true European couture fashion right here in Utah. Prior to doing this, Utah had not been exposed to couture fashion.
  3. What has your experience been like as an entrepreneur in our area? It has been tough being an entreprenuer. I had a goal of having my new busines up and running by Saturday, September 16. I decided to go ahead and start my new business after being firerd from a previous position. It's been the scariest, hardest move nerve raking axiety driven thing ive ever done. I took all of the money I had made from my last two week paycheck and threw it into starting my own business. 
  4. How would you describe the people of Salt Lake City?  I would describe the people of Salt Lake as quirky to a fault. I don't mean this in an insulting way, but you have two different worlds fighting for one space. Thats the only way i can describe it. You have overly fashionable, overly conservative and then populations trying to prove both. Its turing into more of a social hub as people are realizing this isnt a "hickville" town.
  5. What do you wish more people knew about Salt Lake City?The people that need to know about it, know about it. Sundance, etc salt lake is definitely known.
  6. What are your favorite places to shop in Salt Lake City? My studio! I typically only shop at local thrift stores or if it is for a cause.  I rarely buy clothes unless it is local. White Elephant Exchange Boutique is one of my favorite shops!I dont buy clothes anymore, unless its local. I realized this after looking at the kyle cosmetics and how many people support one persons lifestyle, yet we turn our noses at our own community. So i wanted to start supporting our local businesses. 
  7. What would you tell someone if they told you they were moving to Salt Lake City. Get snow tires and dont buy uggs! 
  8. What advice would you give to a young professional considering starting their own business? Do it! Just Do it! Nike man! Take the chance, When you have something you want to do and dont care what anyone else says, you have the power. It only takes you starting to do it. 
  9. Name your favorite local legend: Davis Hong!

You can catch McQuiston showcasing her work at the 2017 Art Meets Fashion Runway Show on September 16 at 7:30 PM. YPSLC members can purchase tickets at the discounted rate of $35. Click here to purchase your ticket.