It is no secret that our monthly ‘Mix & Mingle’ is the talk of the town! If you aren’t in the loop, ‘Mix & Mingle’ is our monthly social event. The event is held in a different location each month and over 100 hundred young professionals typical show-up to this laidback event. The event features a mingle game that encourages interaction amongst attendees. There are always giveaways and prizes for the mingle game winner.

We get a dozen or so emails each month from newcomers asking how the event works. We thought it may be high time to put together the ‘Ultimate Guide to Mixing & Mingling’. Below you will find our tips on enjoying your mix & mingle experience. 

Don’t have anyone to come with? Do come alone. If you come alone, you will find that people are friendly. After about 10 minutes, you will forget you came alone.

Typically roll with a crew? Do bring them. We say the more the merrier! You and your crew can divide and conquer the event to grow your squad.

Do wear business casual attire. Although you are free to come as you are, most people attend the event immediately after work. We find people are most comfortable when dressed in business casual wear.

Don’t get plastered. Most Mix & Mingle events feature either a complimentary or cash bar. You may be nervous or out to have a good time but don’t get plastered. In addition to impressions being everything, you never know who you might meet at the event that could be your future boss, co-worker, or in-law.

Don’t try to sell people things. Mix & Mingle events are all about making genuine connections. Meeting new people solely to sell them your products or services = bad. Meeting new people, striking up a genuine conversation, and naturally telling them about products or services you have access to that they may need = good.

Do play the mingle game. Mix & Mingle events are great for introverted and extroverted people alike. The mingle games are designed to assist you in meeting a reasonable amount of new people while having interesting conversations.

Do exchange contact information. Met someone interested you would like to stay in contact with? Don’t be shy, feel free to exchange information. Business cards, phone numbers, email address, social media information……exchange contact information so you can stay in touch.

Do meet new people! We think this goes without saying but regardless of your purpose of attending the event, challenge yourself to meet at least one new person. Everyone attends the event to meet new people so the atmosphere is warm, friendly, inviting, and very open to meeting new people.

Got anymore tips for enjoying the Mix & Mingle you would like to share? Email Interested in serving as a volunteer Mix & Mingle host? Email Sam at We look forward to seeing you at our next Mix & Mingle to be held August 24 @ 6:30 PM @ White Horse Spirits & Kitchen.